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Sardinia Boat Show

The pleasure boating industry is experiencing an important season of relaunching in Italy, especially the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia, thanks to specialized tourist services that are increasingly able to intercept quality tourism coming from the sea.

The Gulf of Olbia and the Industrial Area that insists on this, are now able to offer services of the highest level for both accommodation and technical assistance, with an important potential for further development in the segment of large yachts. The best way to communicate the current productive, receptive and technical capacities of the area, together with the naturalistic ones, is an event dedicated to pleasure sailors and crews of large yachts.

The aim of such an event is to highlight the technical and receptive quality that the industrial structures of the area are able to offer, the city fabric capable of satisfying the needs of families, the advantages offered by a strategic position for all the operators of the high level charter, an activity that also in 2020 recorded a very important increase in turnover and certified by the Confindustria Nautica analysis.

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Sardinia Boat Show


The Marina of Olbia is the ideal location to host the Nautical Fair of Sardinia: a modern structure committed to offering quality services, it boasts a position characterized by excellent strengths, such as the proximity to the city center, the airport, the commercial area and an expanding city center with prestigious buildings. The Marina of Olbia is also very close to the Brin pier, located in the city center and easily accessible by shuttles by sea to and from the marina during the event.

Sardinia Boat Show


From April 22 to April 26, 2022 – This period, chosen for the first edition and the following ones, is ideal for several reasons: it allows to extend the season, to have the favor of seasonal weather conditions, to take advantage of holidays that facilitate the arrival of boaters who already know and frequent the area and of those who have not yet chosen it as a destination. A perfect moment to enjoy the typical colors and scents of Sardinia!

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Sardinia Boat Show


Joining forces in the area and with the help of professionals specialized in the field of recreational boating at the international level, the CIPNES, the Marina of Olbia, the City of Olbia, the Region of Sardinia, each contribute with the contribution of useful resources to ensure the realization of a high-level event that pushes where possible from the first edition, the major shipyards and yachting to attend the event.

Sardinia Boat Show


  • To give maximum international visibility to the host structure to the public of yachting and luxury with targeted communication also on media outside the sector.
  • Allow the public represented by the crews of large yachts and owners to become aware of the level of accommodation that the area is now able to offer to maxi yachts both in terms of tourism and in technical terms.
  • Contribute to the perception of Olbia and its Gulf as a destination and not as a destination of passage, thanks to the services and tourist hospitality that is now able to offer.
  • Contribute to make known both the production of new boats and the chain of companies specialized in ordinary and extraordinary assistance to yachts that frequent the area.
  • Stimulate the choice of Olbia as a permanent destination for large boats, which are a particularly important resource for the local productive fabric especially outside the summer season.
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